We are involved in a number of EU-level projects on different thematics including education, research and innovation.

INCORE – Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education in Europe’s Outermost Regions

INCORE boosts innovation and entrepreneurial capacity in Higher Education Institutions from Europe’s Outermost Regions by seizing region-specific contextual and business opportunities. INCORE will work towards expanding the ability of univerisities to innovate and better integrate with their regional innovation ecosystems.

Trisolaris will serve as a case study of a start-up SME seeking to engage in a meaningful cooperation with universities. Trisolaris will co-create new products and services, delivering feedbacks on real-life experience and recommendations on the process to INCORE.

MACARONIGHT – Macaronesia’s Researchers Night: Connecting Macaronesian population through science

The EU-funded MACARONIGHT project aims to organise a shared European Researchers’ Night for the Macaronesian region connecting the population of these remote islands under the umbrella of the universal language of science. The project aspires to raise public awareness of science, research and innovation, particularly amongst those in the front line of the battle against global environmental challenges.

Trisolaris will participate as a stakeholders from the Azores and will present the work and vision of the company in the next European Researchers Night